The goods we’ve raised together with the Jack Ma Foundation for countries with severe outbreak such as Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy, and Spain have gradually arrived at their destinations. Today, our donation of 500,000 virus detection kits and 1 million masks are ready to depart for the US.

From our experience of the epidemic prevention battle, virus detection kits that are fast and accurate, and protective suits for healthcare workers are crucial goods for preventing the spread of COVID-19. We hope these products will be helpful in the US! This is a big pandemic challenge facing mankind in an era of globalization and inter-connectedness. To this day, this is no longer a challenge that can be tackled by any single country. It requires all of us to fight together. Now, we should share our resources, our experience and lessons learned in the epidemic prevention battle, so that we stand a chance of beating this crisis.

United we stand, divided we fall!